b+c Studio | Community Planning
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Community Planning

Vision for the future

B+C Studio has partnered with Three Points Planning, LLC with a specific goal of economic development and community planning to celebrate a community’s histories, understand its current population, people, natural, social, economic, and built environment, and its vision for the future. We don’t pull cookie cutter plans or templates off the shelf. Instead, we get to know the community, understand the regional context and environs, look at the cutting edge trends that may be appropriate, benchmark, find best practices, and think more broadly about a community’s possibilities based upon its existing resources and its potential. Then, we develop a tailored plan suited to the community’s needs and future.

We service private and public sector clients – bringing the unique experience of understanding “each side of the table” to provide real, feasible, implementable, actionable and extraordinary development designs and plans. We welcome the opportunity to talk more in depth about your community, development or company and the services we can offer.

Our capabilities combine expertise and experience in economic development, best practices, and regional context to include:

  • On-Demand planning services
  • Comprehensive Plans
  • Parks and Recreation Planning
  • Urban Design and Streetscapes
  • Greenway Planning
  • Research
  • Publications
  • Site Selection
  • Incentive Negotiations

Design Guidelines and Code Development

B+ C Studio has a keen eye and and understanding of both the developer’s perspective and the community’s vision for design.  We have experience in urban, small town, and rural corridor design, including design guidelines and the overlay districts.

Our recent community projects include:

      • City of Oakwood, Georgia Dowtown Design Guidelines
      • City of Oakwood, Georgia 2030 Plan
      • City of Hapeville, Georgia Demand Planning Services
      • City of Norcross, Georgia Demand Services Parks and Greenspace
      • City of Norcross, Georgia Discovery Garden Park
      • City of Norcross, Georgia Pinnacle Park
      • City of Smyrna, Georgia Spring Road Median – Gateway to Smyrna
      • City of Smyrna, Georgia Concord Road Linear Park
      • City of Smyrna, Georgia Historic Reed House Rennovation