b+c Studio | Landscape Architecture
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Landscape Architecture

From analysis to completion

B+C is a full service studio offering a broad collective of design and construction experience.  As project visionaries, we take each design from preliminary site reconnaissance through construction administration,


With our in-house production of illustrative plan renderings and photo realistic perspectives, we translate our concept into marketing quality graphics.


Blending art, ecology, and nature, we take pride in programing and envisions each project  Featuring BC Elements, our projects feature award winning hardscapes custom concrete fire benches to granite fountain features, we work comfortably in the realm of making things you will never see on any other project.


Looking for a feasibility study or preliminary pricing plans? We can draft schematic documents to start things off in the right direction.  Providing a set of well developed, yet preliminary plans is part of the critical path for all projects.  B+C Studio’s Design Development sets provide the detail required for preliminary estimates and negotiations with general contractors. Consider our DD services before entering into a GMP contract on your next job.  Our staff includes arborists and landscape architects with experience preparing tree plans in nearly every metropolitan city and county of the Atlanta metropolitan region.


Let us help you achieve your LEED or Sustainable Sites Initiative goals. We have the familiarity and certified professionals for the most commonly used green certifications.


Offering a full array of construction services; site inspections and detailed reports are standard in monitoring progress and closing out our jobs.  Need help finding bidders or negotiating your contract? Let B+C help guide you through this process.

Our capabilities combine expertise and experience in program concepts, hardscape + landscape design, and construction know-how to include:

  • Inventory + Site Analysis
  • Project vision
  • Conceptual Design
  • Schematic Design
  • Design Development
  • Amenity Programming
  • Complete Construction Documents
  • Tree Protection + Replacement
  • Lighting and Irrigation
  • Sustainability + LEED
  • Greenway + Greenspace Design
  • Construction Monitoring + Reporting
  • Contract Administration