b+c Studio | Ashley Shorter
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Ashley Shorter

Landscape Designer

Ashley Shorter began her start in landscape architecture at Auburn University’s Masters of Landscape Architecture program in summer of 2014. During her time there she learned and worked with a diverse group of students from all different countries and professional backgrounds, which exposed her to different design ideologies.  Each semester the program hosted a tip to a different city in the United States, and on these trips she and her classmates immersed themselves within each city, and learned how history, environment, and climate informed the design.  This will be the guideline on how she thinks about landscape design and how it is ever evolving.

Change has become the essential element of our time.
- Lawrence Halprin

After graduate school she began her career in the Landscape Architecture department at Goodwyn Mills and Cawood, an architecture firm base out of Montgomery and Birmingham, AL. where she worked on commercial, land planning, and park projects. While she was there she worked with the Nature Conservancy on creating landscape prototypes for vacant lots around Birmingham. Early 2018 she made a move to Atlanta to work for b+c Studio. She is enjoying working with a team that furthers her knowledge of landscape design.