b+c Studio | Bryan Dodd
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Bryan Dodd


After receiving a Bachelor Degree in Landscape Architecture from the University of Georgia in 2006, Bryan began his career on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, where he participated in all phases of master planning.  He produced construction documents for multiple pool projects and neighborhood entrances as well as conceptual design and researching of zoning for PUD/PDD master plans.  When the economic downswing hit the profession, he took his knowledge to Ghana, West Africa where he served as an Agroforestry Volunteer in the U. S. Peace Corps.  Bryan helped communities in the Volta Region with education on deforestation and tree nurseries, water reclaiming projects and a latrine project for a village, from concept to completion.  After 27 months overseas, he returned to the states where he worked for a Civil Engineering firm where his focus was on a federally funded cityscape revitalization, a  Veteran’s Honor Wall park design and other public works projects.   Bryan joined B+C Studio in March of 2014, and has added support from his past experience to an already established and talented design team.

Living overseas for two years, I had a chance to take a step back and realize the importance of sustainability. If it is just planting a fruit tree that will help a small village household with a constant fruit supply or if it is designing a sustainable master plan or an urban park that can stand the pressure of time and still remain a viable part of the community or neighborhood. That is what I like to reflect upon when I am involved in the Landscape Architecture design process.

From the exciting experiences of crossing the borders of different countries in the Gold Coast of West Africa to working on rubber plantations in the Southeast Asian country of Cambodia, Bryan is always up for an adventure.  He loves to share his wild stories of travel over a drink or a golf match.  He tries to make it a point to play a course whenever he travels.