b+c Studio | Dennis Decker
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Dennis Decker, PLA

Senior Site Planner

Dennis has thirty years of experience as a landscape architect. He began his career working on urban design projects in major cities in the U.S. and U.K. while working in the Baltimore/Washington D.C. area. He relocated to Atlanta in 1991 and has helped design projects such as the TIAA-CREF headquarter in Charlotte, Cox Communications and Turner Entertainment in Atlanta, redevelopment of the “Hill” on the Georgia Tech Campus, open spaces on the Emory Campus, Terminus and Glenwood Park in southwest Atlanta. Recent work includes urban design projects in China and residential and mixed-use planning for the redevelopment Northwest Atlanta.

Dennis enjoys coalescing the team’s ideas into a cohesive design direction. He applies a core set of design principles to a design process that is adaptable to a wide varied of project types. He believes the most rewarding projects are those that are both visually interesting and emotionally evocative.

One eye sees, the other feels
- Paul Klee

Outside of work Dennis stays busy clearing brush, mowing and fixing fences to contain his wife and daughter’s horse collection. Outside of this other job he enjoys fishing, camping and archery with the family, and track cycling.