b+c Studio | Erik Saunders
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Erik Saunders


Mr. Saunders has a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture from the University of Georgia’s College of Environment and Design. He has been working in the green industry since 2001, primarily in the field of environmental restoration and management. Since 2008, Erik has worked in residential design-build taking a green approach to landscape design that promotes a naturalistic planting style, highlights drought-tolerant perennials and plants, eschews the use of pesticides, and focuses on a thorough understanding of native soils. Erik joined B+C Studio in June of 2016 and is ecstatic to bring his skill set to the urban design industry.

Whether it’s a ten-foot-square urban terrace or a two-acre expanse, Erik consistently applies the principles of design for which he has garnered acclaim: the intelligent use of positive and negative space, of form and scale, of light and shadow, of rough and smooth textures. His approach is grounded in the year-round qualities of the natural environment and is driven by a deep understanding of natural science.

Apparently there is nothing that cannot happen today.
-Mark Twain

Erik possesses great passion for music, traveling, the outdoors, sports and great food. On the weekend you can often find him hiking the Appalachians with wife Susan, son Nolan and furry companion Dill.