b+c Studio | Joel Bowman
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Joel Bowman, PLA

President / Principal

Joel has a passion for creating outdoor spaces through innovative design and planning. As the founder and director of B+C, he oversees the overall planning design of all projects and the general business path of the company. With over 20 years in the field of landscape architecture, Joel brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to each project. He works closely with his talented staff to create unique, yet functional spaces and defined, accessible and sustainable communities. Throughout his professional career Joel has designed numerous projects from corporate parks, mixed-use developments, city spaces as well as award winning master planned communities. He takes pride in B+C Studio’s ability to see projects as not only designable, but buildable. They accomplish this through using leading edge design and sustainability principles to create functional and environmentally sound places. He is a registered LA in multiple states and is CLARB certified with a Bachelor’s of Science from West Virginia University.

The ability to design and create environments for people to live and grow challenges and inspires me every day. Spaces change the character and emotions of people, Landscape architecture is the glue that binds architecture and construction to the natural and usable environment.

Joel enjoys spending quality time with his family. He can often be found outside, camping, hiking, fishing, and coaching his kids in various sports. The joy of his life is his wife Lonna, and their three children.