b+c Studio | Luke Gregory
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Luke Gregory

Landscape Designer

While a student of the University of Georgia’s College of Environment and Design, Luke interned with landscape architecture firms in Dallas, TX and Roswell, GA where he gained experience working on projects ranging from multi-family residential, to commercial and park spaces. During the school year, Luke worked part-time to install and maintain sustainable landscape designs for residences and small businesses as a landscape crew member in the Athens, GA area. This mix of internships and field work gave Luke valuable insights into both the design and build portions of landscape architecture. Luke graduated with a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture in August of 2018, and joined B+C Studio in November.

To science, not even the bark of a tree or a drop of pond water is dull or a handful of dirt banal. They all arouse awe and wonder.
- Jane Jacobs

In his free time, Luke enjoys learning about and experimenting with other manifestations of design such as sketching, watercolors, and web design. He loves to read, run, watch sports, and explore different parts of Atlanta.