b+c Studio | Lynn Patterson
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Lynn Patterson, PhD

Principal Planner

Lynn has over twenty years of experience in the areas of community planning, site selection, community demographic analysis, and business attraction, expansion and retention. Her career has included public, private, and academic planning. She has provided site selection services for Fortune 100 and 500 companies and helped to negotiate state and local incentives. Lynn earned her doctorate in City and Regional Planning from Georgia Tech and has master’s and bachelor’s degrees in geography from University of Arizona and Johns Hopkins University. As an academic at Kennesaw State University and Georgia Tech, Lynn secured grant funds, and taught undergraduate and graduate classes. Lynn is the Principal Planner at B+C Studio and leads the firm’s planning and economic development efforts. Her responsibilities include managing the contract planning services for the City of Hapeville. She also teaches planning courses at Georgia Tech and guest lectures on sustainability, urbanization, and economic development.

Our communities are our legacies. Creating unique communities that celebrate and respect their people and natural resources is my goal as a professional and global citizen.

Outside of B+C, Lynn serves as a chauffeur, referee, and biggest fan for her two children. She is an avid reader, reluctant runner, wannabe yogi, and a travel junkie. She is one of the founders of Mango Tree Foundation, Inc., a non-profit organization that seeks to assist women globally to pursue sustainable business opportunities. She also teaches the occasional class at Georgia Tech and Kennesaw State University.